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Martin Luther King Jr. Jayland Walker Symposium

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

AKRON, Ohio — Community members in Akron came together Saturday to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. while addressing ongoing injustices facing Black Americans face to this day—centralized around the death of Jayland Walker, who was shot and killed by Akron police during a pursuit last June.

A symposium was held on Saturday afternoon at Goodyear Theater where the Walker family's attorney Bobby DiCello spoke about the current state of the investigation into the officers involved in the shooting.

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Walker was shot multiple times by Akron police after a traffic stop turned into a pursuit and a foot chase that ended in a parking lot near Firestone Park. Walker's body had 46 bullet entrance and graze wounds, according to an autopsy by Summit County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Lisa Kohler.

In October, the eight Akron police officers who are under investigation for their involvement returned to work.

DiCello said during the event that he was unable to share details but said that he and his team are continuing to work to bring justice to Walker and his family.

"We don't have an investigator, we have teams of investigators. We don't have an idea, we have multiple ideas about what happened on that day. And we are aware of things that I wish I could share with you right now, but I can't. Someday you'll hear about it," DiCello said. "We don't have any timetable right now as to when that report's going to be issued and if BCI continues to keep its word, it will not share any information with any outside agencies. And we're working very hard to make sure that that's happening."

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